The Cultivating Hope Speaker Series 2021 Padlet!

This resource sharing platform was lovingly curated by the Cultivating Hope Speaker Series planning team.  Featuring information from the five incredible sessions and the renowned presenters who shared their knowledge, passion, and skills with us! This is an interactive resource, so we are welcoming all to share their thoughts and perspectives using the comment sections within the padlet. We thank you for your feedback as it will support planning for future events and series within our communities!

Please check out the websites, resources and even RECORDINGS from some of the sessions:

  • HDLH: An ongoing invitation for transformation
  • Breaking the box: Gender and freedom in young children’s lives
  • There’s always a story: Strengthening Indigenous trauma-informed approaches
  • Nurturing futures in the face of climate change
  • Tools for wellbeing for yourself and the children

Click HERE to access the Speaker Series padlet!

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