Terms and Conditions

Child Care & Early Years Portal Guidelines & Expectations 

This portal is intended for communication and educational purposes between child care centres, EarlyON programs, and resource consultants. We have enabled a new feature on this Portal that will allow participants to share comments and be in dialogue with one another. Our intention with these guidelines is to create a safe space for everyone to share their knowledge and ideas in regards to early learning in the District of Thunder Bay.  

The purpose of commenting on the Portal is to facilitate critical thinking and dialogue with the intention of learning from one another. In posting on the Portal, be prepared to receive responses, to be questioned, and to have your thinking challenged with different perspectives and ideas. We ask you to respect that this forum is for educational purposes only and note that your comments will be moderated as per the guidelines below.  


  • Use your real name and email address  
  • Engage fully with the content by reading the post before you comment (e.g., don’t write comments that demonstrate you didn’t read, watch, or listen to the content) 
  • Offer useful, constructive thoughts only 
  • Be respectful and inclusive 
  • Ask questions 
  • Offer your perspectives and ideas 
  • Share links, articles, or videos in your postings to aid in understanding 
  • Safeguard your password 

Please do not… 

  • Disclose confidential information 
  • Gossip 
  • Share off-topic personal or professional rants 
  • Threaten us or other participants 
  • Defame or slander 
  • Share racist comments or obscenities 
  • Violate laws, copyright, trademark, etc. 
  • Promote about and/or provide links to your product, service, or latest venture 

We are excited to begin sharing in virtual pedagogical dialogues with you. However, please remember that virtual communication can create misunderstandings and asking questions can help provide clarification.  

By posting on the Portal, you grant the TBDSSAB the right to use, reproduce, and distribute your comments for the purposes of learning. The TBDSSAB reserves the right to delete user accounts, inappropriate messages or messages not in accordance with these guidelines.