Enteric Outbreaks in Child Care

There has recently been an increase in enteric (gastro) outbreak activity in child care programs.  Often, children have been symptomatic at the centres, therefore requiring staff to clean up the spills.  Our partners at TBDHU are sending out a friendly reminder regarding proper donning and doffing of PPE, and how to properly clean up the spills.  We ask that you please read the attached fact sheets, print them, and provide them in all program rooms for quick review when needed.

Guidelines for Handling Fluids ID FS GEN 402

TBDHU Eye protection Information Document JUNE (003)

Eye Protection Poster JUNE (003)

PPE DON universal masking

PPE DOFF universal masking

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  1. Colleen McBain says:

    just wondering if I could suggest School Age networking sessions among our teams within the city (District) … majority of our before and afterschool educators are unqualified staff and would find a networking sharing of some actives & materials most beneficial 🙂

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