Inclusion/ Inclusion

English – Establishing an Environment that Works for All Children
French – Créer un environnement qui convient à tous les enfants

In this video, Donna Lero and Kathy Brophy discuss how to foster inclusive environments that support children’s individual needs and build on their strengths. After watching, tell us what stood out to you in the comments below.

Pride Month!

June is PRIDE MONTH, an annual event to celebrate the Stonewall riots of June 28th, 1969. Set in motion by the raid of a gay club that sparked a series of demonstrations, this incident led to the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement.

Today, Pride is an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ rights, the coming together of community, and to raise awareness of the work that still needs to be accomplished.

Across the world, cities will be celebrating Pride through a range of events such as parades, parties, festivals, and fundraisers.

What will you be doing this year to celebrate Pride? Visit QueerEvents or Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity for more information.

Here are some resources you might find helpful:

Looking for local Pride events?

The Pride Street Fest in Thunder Bay is coming up this weekend on June 18th.

The Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre is hosting a Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ Mini Pow-Wow on June 30th.


Click here to view the full YQT Pride Calendar for Thunder Bay. If you know of Pride events happening elsewhere in the District, please let us know and we will share those in our next post. Thank you!

Parent Engagement/ Engagement des parents

English – Inviting Parent Involvement in Early Years Programs
French – Inviter les parents à participer aux programmes pour la petite enfance

In this video, Gilles Cantin talks about how educators can support parents and caregivers to be active contributors in their child’s learning. Share your questions and key takeaways in the comments below.

Virtual tour with Abiinojiishiik-amino-yawook!

On behalf of the Child Care and Early Years team at TBDSSAB we want to say Chi Miigwetch to the incredible team at Abiinojiishiik-amino-yawook EarlyON Child and Family Centre. On Tuesday March 29th Sarah, Jennifer, Sabrina and Erica took us on a journey through their program during our first ever virtual tour gathering!  They offered insight into who they are, their journey with embracing and implementing Indigenous culture into their programs and the special ways that make their team unique in our community! Through their insightful video, and the wholesome discussion period, we were able to learn alongside educators within our community and embrace the perspectives they bring to our Early Years field!

We are looking forward to our upcoming tours which will be happening throughout the Spring and Fall, stay tuned for updates! If you are interested in showcasing your program through a virtual tour, please let us know by emailing!

You can find the RECORDING LINK HERE! Please share your thoughts, reflections and questions in the comment section!😊

Miigwetch and Baamaapii!

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We got ZEN! Here’s what happened…

Thank you to all who were able to join us for Mindfulness and Meditation: Let’s Get Zen last Wednesday March 23, 2022! It was so great to gather with fellow zen-lovers in our community to enjoy some gentle seated stretching, a calming book reading, and a relaxing guided meditation. Participants also shared what helps them and the children in programs feel good and some of the key ideas from this were: gratitude practice, noticing surroundings and sensations, breathing exercises, self-care box, and self-care spaces. 

Here are some of the resources that were shared/discussed by the group: 

Thanks again to all who were able to make it! We hope you found it as relaxing as we did. Check the portal calendar for more upcoming special events! 

Alex, Jodi, & Megan