I had the pleasure of attending a presentation given by two educators at Schoolhouse Playcare Centre. These educators shared an interesting journey that they’ve had in the preschool room about doors. It was incredible to see how the educators extended this interest and acted as co-learners with the children.

The two educators truly embraced the inquiry process. Through their observations, they determined the children were curious about doors. They planned for new ways of exploring doors throughout the program such as in the art and blocks areas, and they created documentation to educate families and community members about the learning, interests, and questions they’ve been exploring. Some exciting highlights were:

  • they had families bring in photos of their doors from home
  • they had parents and grandparents help to add a door with hinges, doorknobs, and a doorbell to the dramatic play area, and;
  • they added door handles and real tools to the play environment for children to explore and manipulate

Thank you for the hard work you are doing with the children and families at Schoolhouse Playcare Centre. You have truly fostered the four foundations throughout this journey and it’s great to see the creative ways that families have been engaged along the way. Additionally, thank you to Wanda for inviting me to attend this presentation; attending these types of events is one of the best ways for us to build positive relationships with educators.

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